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With our top-notch eCommerce services, we help you increase your traffic, sales, and revenue. When we work on your eCommerce store, we make sure that you are satisfied and happy with the profit numbers. According to recent reports, the value of eCommerce sales in UAE was 19.77 billion dollars in 2020, and this value is projected to go up to 28 billion dollars in 2022. To grab a share in this big market and be at the top of your category, you need eCommerce SEO.

Keyword Management

Our team will analyze current keywords used on your site. We will also consider the keywords used by your competitors and make a list of keywords to be inculcated in your site. We will optimize the current keywords and provide you with a list of new keywords which will help rank your site. Apart from keyword implementation, we also focus on page titles, meta descriptions, product descriptions, and image alt texts.

Local SEO

Local SEO is an integral part of eCommerce SEO. It will help position your store in front of local customers. Local SEO services include optimizing Google My Business account, local business listings and citations, on-page and off-page optimization, and social media handles optimization.

Technical SEO

We make sure that all the technical aspects of SEO are taken into account. We make sure that your site is built/modified according to Google standards. We fix technical problems, increase site loading speed, check responsiveness and work on product pages and lists.

Content Creation

We have a dedicated team of expert content writers. We make sure that your site is optimized according to keywords and user intent. So that when anyone searches for your products or services, your site is on the top. We will write product pages, descriptions, review pages, and guest posts to bring your eCommerce store to the first page.

Navigation Optimization

When potential buyers are visiting your site, they look for a user-friendly experience. Our eCommerce SEO services include fixing your site navigation structure. We make sure that everything is properly listed, has sections and categories, and links to each main category from the menu, header, and footer. Overall, we make sure that your eCommerce store’s navigation is easy to understand and use.

Product Page Optimization

Product page optimization is one of the toughest things to do in the world of eCommerce SEO. It is also one of the important tasks. If product pages are not optimized, it won't be easy to rank them for individual products. To make sure that every product page on your site is individually ranked, we will ensure that every page has a title, keyword-rich content (2-3 paragraphs), videos and other relevant information such as model number, instruction manuals.

Internal Linking

One of the most important aspects of eCommerce SEO is internal linking. We make sure that every product is listed through your homepage, header, and footer. We make use of a shallow linking strategy so that Google bot can get top of your site’s individual pages. We check your site and make sure that any of the pages are not overcrowded with links.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our eCommerce SEO services also work on click-to-conversion rate improvement. We work on your site’s overall position so that the visitor loves the experience and decides to give you a complete sale.

Amazon Marketing Services

We will work to increase your eCommerce store sales through amazon marketing. SEOFEALLA’s services include Amazon page optimization to drive more traffic to your store. Our SEO services enable you to establish a credible reputation for your brand on Amazon.

Complete eCommerce SEO

We have dedicated E-Commerce SEO's to Boosts your organic Traffic and Sales.

A solution design for E-Commerce SEO that helps both retailers and wholesalers to boost their search rankings and increase their sales and ROI.

Implementing an eCommerce SEO campaign needs planning and working on various fronts. That is why we make sure that nothing is ignored and you get the best results.

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Data Driven SEO Growth

SEO Fella is data driven SEO Agency. We continuously evolve our strategies based on the webmaster’s data.

With this data driven and re-optimized approach, we constantly scale the website to achieve the maximum CTR on SERP.




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Why Choose SEOFELLA for eCommerce SEO services in Dubai

Our eCommerce solutions will help you rank higher in the search engine page results (SERPs) and make sure that you are the first choice of users searching for the products and services you are selling. You can get more traffic through paid marketing and SEO. However, SEO is organic, cost-effective, and long-lasting. If you are looking to boost the ranking of your eCommerce store in Dubai, SEOFELLA can help.

SEOFELLA is a full-spectrum SEO company. Our services are multi-faceted and provide you all-encompassing SEO experiences. We take pride in our team and work practices. We keep them happy so our team can keep our clients happier.

Experienced and Dedicated Team

We have an experienced and dedicated team to provide you with eCommerce SEO services. We know that SEO is important for your business, and this is why our team goes the extra mile to bring the best results for your business.

Cost-effective Services

We know that not all businesses can pay big money for SEO services. Hence, we have kept our services affordable and cost-effective. With SEOFELLA, you will never overcharged and get the best services and results.

Regular Reporting and Consultation

We make sure that you are updated about your campaign’s progress and results regularly. We follow a monthly/biweekly reporting mechanism and take your feedback as well. Regular consultation and feedback also help us know your goals and work accordingly.

Latest Techniques and Industry Trends

We adopt all the latest techniques and industry trends while working on your site. We keep a check on all the Google updates and implement them on your site. It helps rank your site quickly.

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